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I've used many Remington beard trimmers over the past 10-years to shave my full beard. The previous trimmers had a bad habit of dropping the opportunity to properly maintain a charge after several years. I decide to get a new one. I've made a bit research and got tons of information and many excellent products. At last, I ordered this Norelco Beard Trimmer on June and it works very well. There are many reasons as I got this model.

Flexibility. By using this beard trimmer, you are able to control your mustache as you desire. Whether you like a shut shave or a more time beard, with it you are able to all that without any the necessity of holding other accessory. Although having an electric shaver it is possible to just cut yourself, this trimmer also provides you the ability to shave other area, such as legs, body, etc.

Gentleness. Immediately after introducing the Norelco T980 within your rest room, all of your skin difficulties linked to shaving will vanish in no time: in actuality, this beard trimmer does not have any get hold of amongst the blades and the skin, avoiding any hurt that the razors generally do to the skin (like uses up and bumps on the skin). Be cautious, simply because it is not a correct shaver, acquiring a as well shut shave will result in agonizing ingrown hair, so be mindful not to overdo it. But if you use it the right way, all skin troubles will be only a memory.

Cheap. With no doubt, it's really a person of the lowest priced options in the trimming world.

Some important features of Norelco T980;

1. Low Maintenance: Don't like most beard trimmers, this  Norelco beard trimmer is a low-maintenance that don't need hair sinks as its unique integrated vacuum systerm when you're shaving.
In addition,  this excellent beard  tool requires no oiling  to stay-sharp blades.

2. 18 secured length settings from 1 millimeter (1/32 inch) to 18 millimeters (23/32 inch) are included, and convenient stubble setting bestow you the ability to trim down to a 1/2 millimeter (1/64 inch) for a real five o'clock shadow look.

3. Amazing Cutting Speed: Turbo Power button is placed side of the beard trimmer, press it let fan speed to trim through thicker hairs more quickly.

4. Long Lasting: It also designed for cordless use, which allows you style your beard hair anytime. Of course, the beard trimmer is really great for travel as its cool design, you can turn on in your luggage. Additionally, the powerful lithium-ion battery provides up to 50 minutes of cordless use on a one-hour charge.

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